Products Blue chip investment documents made simple & easy

Business Plan

You’re onto an idea assessment, a feasibility study or a replacement project analysis. You’d want to test the numbers. Business Plan is your right choice.

Valuation Report

You’re considering selling your company, divesting your asset or estimating your wealth and you want to figure out what’s your business equity worth. Powered with a unique proprietary valuation algorithm for startups and small & medium businesses - Valuation Report is the perfect product for you.

Pitch Memo

You’re onto a great growth project - be it the next big thing, launching a new product or scaling up into new markets - your company needs cash and you want to speak to investors. Pitch Memo walks the talk for you. It reconciles business opportunity analysis with valuation engineering tools in a beautiful and straightforward format.

Investor Report

You’ve got investors on board. You’re always busy fructifying their cash investment. Yet, you’d still need to inform them on a regular basis about your business and financial performance.

Investor Report will make your life easy and your investors happy.