Discover Premony’s unique set of features

Meet state-of-the-art technology
powered finance engine

Turn it on Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Financial forecasting, business analysis & valuation models. All in one. At your fingertips.
  • Access the first and unique proprietary valuation algorithm for startups and small & medium businesses in the MENA region
Premonitor, say hello

Hello, I’m Premonitor

  • Your intelligent platform assistant is a built-in virtual advisor whose mission is to help, suggest and advise business insights and solutions on the go - on all matters and tasks.
Embrace business
model versatility

From internet specific to general industry agnostic.

  • Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business owner or a technopreneur starting up the next big thing in the digital era, Premony has figured it out for you.
Raise standards of your
investment documents

Professional, beautiful and easy is possible. All along your business’ lifecycle journey.

  • Top notch full-fledged deliverables - Investment bank style
  • Intuitive & easy step by step tool
  • Time effective, powerful and accurate
  • Full numbers & letters work up
  • Intuitive & accessible to all entrepreneurs
  • Investor grade: content & format
Enjoy high custom to
fit solutions

From large teams, product customization to full API platform integration.

  • Large teams
  • Product customization
    • Custom input
    • Custom colors
    • Custom layout & design
    • Custom logo
    • Custom disclaimer
  • Platform
    • API affiliation
    • White label
Empower your
decision making

You’re an entrepreneur and you’d want to make sound, fast decisions and on the go.

  • Performance & value tracking
  • Planning & forecasting
  • What-if simulators to call & check your shots
  • Competition benchmarking: know how you stack up against the competition
  • Tracker & pacer
  • Transaction structuring & financial engineering tools
Monitor your assets

Get a unique 30,000 feet view and insight of your business performance and value.

  • Fully loaded easy to use dashboard
  • Tri dimensional interfaced perspectives – business, finance, wealth
  • Empowering metrics for strategic and day to day management
Please your investors

Professionalize your relationship with investors. Make them confident investing in you.

  • Securely invite potential investors to view your beautiful yet utterly professional investment proposal
  • Have your investors get their reporting on a regular basis. Be it document or cloud access.
Collaborate with
your stakeholders

Communicate with your team, advisors, investors and your social networks.

  • Data upload & syncing
  • Accounting software integration
  • Chat & comment about work-in-progress with your team
  • Social integration with networks of your choice
  • Share & invite your investors and stakeholders over to the platform
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